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Blueprint(s) for Disaster

a not-quite plan for living

Singing at La Fenice...
5 April 1964
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I first got an LJ because Aegeus browbeat me into it (after Heidi tried) and I almost never used to post but I'm getting much better now. In less than three years I completed four long fanfics--the Psychic Serpent series--and now I'm trying to focus more on my original fiction, although I am still writing HP fanfic. My "new" novel-length fic, Replay, is almost done (I've posted 29 out of 32 chapters) and is archived at The Dark Arts on FictionAlley. (I wanted to reserve my Schnoogle author page for just the PS fics, even though eventually all of the author pages will be combined.) "Replay" is a post-Order of the Phoenix story that will NOT cover Harry's sixth year, just part of the summer after his fifth year before jumping forward into his adult years. (After he's sixteen the story picks up when he's twenty and teaching DADA at Hogwarts.) It'll be about thirty chapters total and I plan to post a new chapter every Tuesday on my Yahoo group. (I'll send it to The Dark Arts on Tuesdays but it probably won't show up for a few days, depending on how busy we are that week.)

I'm also in architectural school part-time, working sporadically as a free-lance chamber singer and raising two frighteningly smart kids who also like HP. My husband likes to pretend he's not interested in HP, but after reading OotP (he practically grabbed it out of my hands as soon as I said I was finished) he was actually affronted by some of my criticisms and was saying how much he liked it. I liked it too, however, even more on rereading. It's edgier than the other books and, I think, took guts to write. Nothing like having a role-model who has chutzpah to spare. :D

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